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Nationwide Delivery. Ireland & UK.
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We supply a large range of stoves and fireplaces. With a large range of Marble fireplaces on sale and with nationwide delivery throughout Ireland and the Uk.

We operate two showrooms, one Dublin and another in Wicklow with over 60 stoves and 50 fireplaces on display to choose from. We offer full fitting service and special offers every two weeks.
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    Straight Stove Flue Pipe


    Clay Pot Reducer Stove Flue Pipe


    Twin Wall Stove Pipe 45 Bend

    €65.00 €59.99

    Henley Druid 30kw Boiler Stove

    €1,499.00 €1,450.00

    1000mm Twin Wall Stove Pipe Straight


    Flexi Flue Adaptor


    Twin Wall Stove Pipe Start Off Adaptor

    €65.00 €29.99
    Matt Black
    Enamel Black
    Enamel Cream

    Henley Cambridge 5kw Stove


    Chimney Flexi Flue Pipe 125mm Kit **Free Delivery**


    45 Degree Stove Flue Pipe


    90 Degree Stove Flue Pipe


    Henley Porto Cassette Stove 600 Double Sided

    €1,600.00 €1,499.00

    Chimney Flexi Flue Vermiculite


    Twin Wall Stove Pipe Wall Brackets

    €99.00 €29.99

    Twin Wall Stove Pipe Rain Cap

    €65.00 €64.99

    Vitae 5kW Landscape Cassette Stove


    500mm Twin Wall Stove Pipe Straight


    Register Plate (G) - 125150mm Hole 900mm x 495mm - 2 Access Holes


    Register Plate (F) - 125150mm Hole 900mm x 495mm - No Access Hole


    Flexi Flue Pipe Nose Cone


    Twin Wall Stove Pipe H-Cowl

    €149.00 €129.00

    Chimney Flexi Flue Pipe 150mm Kit **Free Delivery**


    Olymberyl Aidan Stove

    €1,199.00 €949.00

    Henley Aran 6kw Stove


    Henley Faro Cassette Boiler Stove


    Henley Druid 21kw Boiler Stove

    Matt Black

    Henley Cambridge 10.5kw Stove

    €795.00 €789.00

    Henley Ascot 7kw Stove

    €755.00 €750.00
    Matt Black
    Enamel Cream
    Enamel Black

    Henley Apollo 5kw Inset Stove

    €699.00 €649.00

    Henley Elite D6 Stove

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