Joint and paving accessories

Why Choose a Joint-It Product?

Every Joint-It product is formulated to deliver a professional quality result, whether that’s to joint, clean, seal or enhance the colour of your natural stone or concrete paving.

Developed by professional paving contractors for professional paving contractors and landscapers, our Specialist Hardscape Product Range delivers the exceptional results that our customers have come to expect.

For newly laid patios and driveways, choosing a non-staining grout, such as Joint-It Simple or Joint-It Fine, (depending on joint size), maintains the integrity of your beautiful natural stone or brick paved area.

For existing patios and brick/block paved driveways, the annual chore of cleaning and weeding can be dispiriting. Using our Joint-It So Clean product removes dirt and stains to leave your patio looking like new again.

Follow-up with either our Supreme Colour Enhancer or Premium Sealer and you can be sure your patio or driveway is protected from the elements, and day-to-day spills, for 3-5 years. (Actual duration of product efficacy depends on local weather conditions).

Quick to apply and ready-to-use, all of our expert hardscape products are the best possible combination of advanced technological formulations and environmentally-friendly raw materials, with the promise of a strong and effective solution.

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Paving Jointing Mortar

Joint-It Simple For joints min 3mm wide and 25mm deepAvailable in 3 colours: Neutral, Grey and Dark Grey. Surface Preparation Before using Joint-It Simple, make sure that your foundation/hardcore is...

SBR ADMIXTURE Paving primer

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A styrene butadiene copolymer latex, which increases flexibility of cement screeds and mortars and improves water and chemical resistance and durability. Suitable for internal and external floors and...

Paving Patio Sealer

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A premium grade, solvent-free solution designed to protect blocks, patios and sand joints from water penetration, oil/petrol grease spillages and dirt and grime build-up. For enhancing the present...

Weed Resistant Natural Sand for Brick Paving

Joint-It Fine For joints less than 3mm wide Available in 2 colours:  Neutral and Grey Sold in 20KG Bags. Surface Preparation Ensure that surface is clean and dry before opening...

Multi-purpose Cleaner for Natural Stone and Concrete paving

Joint-It So Clean Multi-purpose Cleaner for Natural Stone and Concrete paving, paths, roof tiles and walls. Surface Preparation Brush away leaves, debris and any heavy growth before application. Benefits  ...

Joint-It Supreme Colour Enhancer

Joint-It Supreme Colour Enhancer Intensifies the natural colour of Natural Stone and Concrete paving, paths, roof tiles and walls. Surface Preparation Joint-It Supreme Colour Enhancer will not work on non-porous...

Natural Stone and Concrete Surface Protection

Joint-It Premium Seal Natural Stone and Concrete Surface Protection for paving, paths, roof tiles and walls. Surface Preparation Remove surface contamination.Surface should be clean, free from dust, dirt, oil, efflorescence,...