The Graphite Five ticks all of the boxes including the one for best value. As a testament to its high standards it is both Hetas and Defra Approved and has an outstanding efficiency of 84.3%, which is also SEAI verified. Plus, it has two other brilliant features which you won't find on your average stove. The first is the pre-heated tertiary air supply which enters the fire chamber through jets in the unique heavy duty cast iron back-plate. Unlike other stoves this ensures that the fire chamber stays hot for longer so that it is not only exceptionally clean burning but also ensures that the glass remains crystal clear – unusually, even to the very end of the burn cycle. Secondly, in addition to the traditionally radiated 5kW heat output the Graphite Five also helps move this abundant heat quickly around your room with its unique 'Heat Conveyor' system – a first for a compact stove. All of which can be managed exactly with a much wider range of precise air control. Superior build quality, including thicker than average steel bodywork and premium quality cast iron door, clamp-tight stay-cool door handle, multi fuel grate, optional direct air capability and detailed classic styling are just some more of the reasons that make the extraordinary Graphite 5 the much better choice.
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