Vendor: Stove Flue Pipes

50mm Offset Internal Clay Adaptor

The Offseting Internal Fit Clay Adaptor is used to connect to the bottom of a chimney stack which has a clay liner installed, and a chimney flue liner is not being installed.

The clay end of the adaptor is tapered to allow the adaptor to be pushed (knocked) up the inside of the clay liner. Clay liners are never perfectly symetrical, so this allows the adaptor to mold itself inside the liner.
Now use Fire Cement and Fire Rope to make a good seal around the clay liner.
Use the securing bands to screw the adaptor into the chamber. Use stainless screws for this to stop corrosion.
The single wall pipe can then placed over the spigot of the adaptor.
Again finish off with Fire Cement and/or Fire Rope to make a good seal.