Glass Rattling

Why is the glass in my door rattling :

The glass panel is not glued into place to allow to the wooden door to  natural expand and contract with different room temperatures.

To prevent this from occurring :

Clean the surface around the glass panel: Use a clean cloth to remove any dust or debris from the surface around the glass panel.

Apply decorative caulk: Apply a thin bead of decorative caulk around the perimeter of the glass panel, taking care to keep the caulk in a neat and consistent line. This will provide a secure seal and accommodate the movement of the wooden door.

Allow the caulk to dry: Leave the caulk to dry completely.

Paint the door: Once the caulk has dried, the door can be painted to match the surrounding area.

        By following these steps, the glass panel will be securely in place and the natural expansion and contraction of the wooden door will not cause the glass to rattle.

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