Vendor: Eazyfit Doors

Door Kit Machining Service

Price includes :
  1. Hinges machined out of door
  2. Lock machined out from door
  3. Hinges machined out of door frame
  4. Receiver / Strike plate machined out of door frame
  5. Door frame assembled which includes the 2 legs of the door frame and head  screwed together.
  6. Due to transport and weight issues doors come separately to the frame.
  7. Locks are machined out for radius locks only and corners of face plate may need removed on site if installing a square lock.


Door Kit order form

We do not alteration standard door sizes, all pre hung doors come with 10mm - 150mm legs on the door kits to allow for unlevel floors.  

Please note this is a customer product and can not be returned, usually takes between 3-4 weeks from order.