Vendor: Henderson Sliding Rail

Henderson Husky 100 Sliding Rail Track Set

Unlock the versatility of your doors with the Husky 100 Sliding 1.8mtr Track and Sliding Gear, a dynamic solution that enhances both functionality and aesthetics. Whether you seek a space-saving option or a sleek design element, this versatile system caters to your needs with finesse.

This Husky track empowers you to transform your doors into sliding wonders. You have the option to slide them into an existing cavity, seamlessly concealing them when not in use, or flush with the wall for a striking open-door appearance. This flexibility ensures that your doors don't just serve as barriers but also add an element of style to your living spaces.

Renowned for its popularity and adaptability, the Husky track system can be seamlessly integrated with any of our Internal Doors, whether single or double. It's the ideal choice for sliding both wooden and metal doors, supporting weights of up to 100kg. This robust capacity makes it perfect for heavy-duty applications like room dividers and pocket doors, where durability and reliability are paramount.

Inside the box, you'll find everything you need for a hassle-free installation, including the rail, rollers, fixtures, and fittings. This comprehensive package simplifies the setup process, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of your sliding doors without unnecessary complications.

In summary, the Husky 100 Sliding 1.8mtr Track and Sliding Gear system is a versatile and robust solution that elevates the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your doors. Whether you aim to save space, make a design statement, or accommodate heavy doors, this system has you covered, all while offering a hassle-free installation experience.

Pack includes :
Husky 100 Sliding 2mtr Track
Sliding Gear

Please note brackets are sold separately on the link below :
Wall Brackets

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