Vendor: Suir Paving Sandstone

Mint Sawn Sandstone

This Natural Sandstone comes in a Patio Pack which consists of 4 sizes, with all sides and top surface sawn//smooth.

It has light tones, ivory, beige, yellows, vanilla, with rich veining and caramel tones when wet.

Pack contains  sizes :
300mm * 300mm
600mm * 300mm
600mm * 600mm
900mm * 600mm

Our Sawn Mint Sandstone Patio Kit features tones of warm beige and cream with occasional veining details of yellow, caramel and purple throughout the smooth, sawn surface. Sawn Mint Sandstone is an elegant choice of garden paving and the light tones throughout the Indian stone paving will brighten up any dark areas of your patio to create an added sense of space to your exterior