Vendor: Eazyfit Doors

Prehung Doors Sets / Door Kits

Price Includes:

    • Door handles select from Lagan, Aran, Inishmore & Skellig,  2.5" lock and hinges
    • Primed Doors Choice of 3 models
    • Door Frame 98mm or 134mm no standard frames will need to be cut down leaving a un primed finish
    • Bullnose Style Architrave
    • All Assembled into frame
    • Choice of the following doors - WC2, WC12, WC10
    • Due to transport and weight issues doors come separately to the frame.
  • We do not alteration standard door sizes, all pre hung doors come with 10mm - 150mm legs on the door kits to allow for unlevel floors.  


Door Kit order form

Prehung Doors Sets / Door Kits can enhance the look of your home and help to eliminate drafts and noises from entering your home. We offer a hassle free way of ordering and installing wood doors with our pre hung door sets. If you’re looking for timber front doors but don’t have the time needed to install them then pre hung door sets are the ideal option for you. A new pre hung door set could offer; improved security, lower maintenance and better draught proofing & insulation. 

 Please note usually takes between 4-6 weeks from order.


Door Size
 Opening Width Needed
Opening Height Needed
610mm 700mm 2050mm
660mm 750mm 2050mm
711mm 800mm 2050mm
762mm 850mm 2050mm
813mm 900mm 2100mm
864mm 950mm 2100mm