Venice Steel Modern Interior Crittal Door

Optimized for residential and commercial use, our internal glass door fits perfectly in your bathroom or kitchen. With a swing opening style, it brings a blend of industrial and rustic aesthetics to any space.

This sturdy steel frame ensures superior stability to aluminum frames or frameless glass doors. Plus, it measures 2158*896x40mm, with a door thickness of 40mm.

Designed with user privacy, this internal glass door features a lock that can be engaged from the inside. The black powder-coated surface finish adds an extra touch of sophistication.

Customization options are available; silk screens can be added for decoration, or the glass can sport a custom pattern.

No more struggling or exerting unnecessary effort. Plus, the glass surface is remarkably easy to clean, saving you valuable time and energy on maintenance tasks.

Plus, we offer frosted, gray, embossed, and other glass types to cater to your unique design sensibilities.

Please note these doors are  made to order and current lead time is 12-18 weeks


Brief Descritpion: Lites Swing Black Steel Frame Glass Barn Door
Position: For interior door use
Application: Both Residential and commercial use
Opening style: Swing opening
Main Material: Carbon steel, Tempered glass
Surface Finish: Black powder coating
Door size  2158*896x40mm or customized
Door&Frame thickness 40mm
Glass thickness 4mm
Glass Pattern: Clear