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Stoves With External Air Supply - External Air is a direct feed of fresh air from the outside into to the stove via a fresh air pipe, this pipe is fitted to the back of the stoves or under the combustion chamber. The External Air is used in well-insulated houses or mechanical ventilation, it brings air to the stove for combustion.

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    Henley Druid 30kw Boiler Stove

    €1,499.00 €1,450.00

    Vitae 5kW Landscape Cassette Stove


    Henley Druid 21kw Boiler Stove


    Henley Ascot 7kw Stove

    €755.00 €750.00

    Henley Elite D6 Stove


    Henley Elite G3 Stove

    €1,650.00 €1,550.00

    Henley Sherwood Stove 8kw

    €849.00 €699.00

    Henley Sherwood 12kw Stove

    €829.00 €799.00

    Henley Druid 25kw Boiler Stove

    €1,450.00 €1,320.00
    Metallic Black

    Henley Elite G1 Stove


    Henley Druid 8kw Stove

    €690.00 €650.00

    Henley Druid 5kw Stove

    €499.00 €459.00

    Henley Druid 20kw Double Sided Stove


    Henley Druid 14kw Double Sided Stove

    €1,200.00 €1,199.00

    Henley Sherwood Stove 5kw

    €649.00 €519.00

    Graphite 8 Stove


    Boru Fiachra Insert Dry Stove

    €759.00 €680.00

    Alpha II Stove


    Vitae 8kW Landscape Cassette Stove


    Henley Sherwood 12kw Boiler Stove

    €1,049.00 €949.00

    Henley Hazelwood 5


    Henley Barcelona Stove


    Henley Elite J1 Stove

    €1,690.00 €1,650.00

    Henley Elite H2 Stove

    €1,535.00 €1,500.00
    Black Gloss
    Infinity Glass

    Henley Zanzibar Stove


    Boru Carraig Mor External Air


    Henley Seville Cassette Stove


    Henley Druid 21kw Stove

    €1,250.00 €1,220.00

    Henley Druid 16kw Stove

    €950.00 €889.00

    Henley Druid 12kw Stove

    €775.00 €769.00
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