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Henley Room Heater, Boiler, Insert & Cassette Stoves


Henley Stoves is one of Ireland’s leading stove companies based in Kerry with an extensive background in the stove industry. The core aim here at Henley is to provide a genuine quality product at affordable prices and to provide an exceptional customer service. We currently have 3 collections of stoves in our range, the Premier, European and Trinity Collection.

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    Henley Druid 30kw Boiler Stove

    €1,499.00 €1,450.00
    Matt Black
    Enamel Black
    Enamel Cream

    Henley Cambridge 5kw Stove


    Henley Porto Cassette Stove 600 Double Sided

    €1,600.00 €1,499.00

    Henley Faro Cassette Boiler Stove


    Henley Druid 21kw Boiler Stove

    Matt Black

    Henley Cambridge 10.5kw Stove

    €795.00 €789.00

    Henley Ascot 7kw Stove

    €755.00 €750.00

    Henley Aran 6kw Stove

    Matt Black
    Enamel Cream
    Enamel Black

    Henley Apollo 5kw Inset Stove

    €699.00 €649.00

    Henley Elite D6 Stove


    Henley Sherwood Stove 8kw

    €849.00 €699.00

    Henley Sherwood 12kw Stove

    €829.00 €799.00

    Henley Titan Stove


    Henley Skellig 8kw Stove

    €749.00 €729.00

    Henley Lincoln 5kw Stove

    €690.00 €649.00

    Henley Faro Cassette Stove

    €1,380.00 €1,350.00

    Henley Erne 8kw Stove


    Henley Elite G3 Stove

    €1,650.00 €1,550.00

    Henley Eden 5kw Stove

    €419.00 €399.00

    Henley Druid 25kw Boiler Stove

    €1,450.00 €1,320.00
    Matt Black
    Enamel Black
    Enamel Brown
    Enamel Cream

    Henley Blasket 21kw Stove


    Henley Achill 21kw Inset Boiler Stove

    €1,450.00 €1,399.00

    Henley Sherwood Stove 5kw

    €649.00 €519.00

    Henley Westbury 5kw Inset Stove

    €450.00 €410.00

    Henley Thames 4.5kw Stove

    €549.00 €489.00

    Henley Porto Fire Door

    €429.00 €379.00

    Henley Phoenix 4.3kw Inset Stove

    €499.00 €449.00

    Henley Lisbon Cassette Stove

    €1,670.00 €1,499.00

    Henley Kells 6kw Stove


    Henley Hampton 30kw Boiler Stove

    €1,999.00 €1,599.00
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