Stairs Refurbishment & Stairs Components

Stairs Refurbishment Parts are products that can help you transform your old or damaged stairs into a new and stylish feature of your home. They include cladding steps, risers, noising, stringers, and more that can be fitted on top of your existing stairs. You can choose from different materials, finishes, and designs to suit your taste and budget. Stairs Refurbishment Parts are a great way to upgrade your staircase without replacing it entirely.

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Cladding Bullnose Step

Cladding Bullnose  The 1000mm x 300mm x 240mm Cladding Bullnose Riser is prefinished with clear  

Cladding Step

Cladding Step1000x290x17mm Oak   The 1000mm x 290mm x 17mm Cladding Step is prefinished with clear lacquer. It has a plywood base for stability covered with 2 mm solid timber. Our stair...

Laminate Flooring Stair Noising

Laminate Flooring Stair Noising  Laminate Flooring Stair Noising Wooden stairs are in line with the latest interior design trends. Puristic furniture and large glass areas correspond with floors, walls and...

Cladding Risers

Cladding Risers Oak   Cladding Stair Risers are prefinished with clear lacquer or white primed finish. They have a plywood base covered with a real wood veneer.  

Engineered Stairs Step

Engineered Stairs Step Engineered Stairs Step 270mm x 28mm solid engineered step** is composed of internal solid wood finger joints and have a 4mm solid unfinished layer which can be...

Cladding Winder Step Extension

Cladding Winder Step Extension1300 x 240 x 17 mm Oak The 1300mm x 240mm x 17mm cladding winder Step extension is used with the Cladding Winder Step to obtain more width.  ...

Cladding Winder Step

Cladding Winder Step1300x600x17mm The 1300mm x 600mm x 17mm Cladding Winder Step is prefinished with clear lacquer. It has a plywood base covered with 2mm solid timber for stability.  ...

Stair Riser

Stair Riser   210mm x 18mm engineered riser** is composed of solid wood finger joints and have a 3mm solid unfinished layer on both sides. They have square edges and...

Stairs String

Stairs String 4500mm x 230mm x 40mm Solid engineered staircase string with a sanded finish. Ideal for the manufacture of high quality staircases.  

Solid Step

Solid Step Solid Step 285 x 44mm solid step is composed of solid oak wood lamella jointed at approx every 65mm.  Ideal for the creation of high-quality staircases.