Vendor: Suir Paving

Silver Granite Machine-Cut Kerbs


Our Silver Granite Kerbs color G603. They have a flamed finish which simply means that the granite surface was punched by hand or machine at very close spacing to give a texturized appearance. The stone will feel smooth with small indentations from the point of the hammer. This process will also cause the material to appear lighter in colour than those with different finishes. Greyish Silver in colour, our granite kerbs are extremely durable and an excellent choice for public realm, commercial or domestic projects. Silver Granite Kerbs are a popular choice for landscapers as it blends very well with other materials, adding value to the project. Experience the subtle luxury of Silver Granite Kerbs in G603. Not only does the flamed finish add a unique texturized appearance, but the natural stone also feels effortlessly smooth with delicate indentations from hand or machine-punched details. The light greyish silver shade complements any project seamlessly, from high-end public spaces to commercial or residential landscapes. Experience the exceptional durability and elevated aesthetic of Silver Granite Kerbs for your next project.