Vendor: Suir Decking



Aluminium railing is known for its strength, durability and beauty. More and more homeowners these days are choosing Aluminium railing over traditional wood railing for its low-maintenance benefits. Aluminium does not rot, warp, or crack and it never needs to be stained, sanded or painted. It’s also an excellent choice for the environment, as it’s 100% recyclable and no harmful chemicals are required to treat or maintain it.

  • Post length 1010mm - Includes cap & base flange. Must be fixed to sub-construction – not directly to deck boards. Fixings not included
  • Straight Stair Rail 1829*1010mm
  • Angled Stair Rail 1829*1010mm
  •  Angles Brackets - Allows handrail to be installed at angle instead of straigh installation.
    Contains 1 top & 1 bottom rail bracket.