Vendor: Suir Composite Fencing

Composite Fencing Collection Walnut

  • Dual sided board.
  • Fast and Easy installation.
  • No unsightly screws through the fence board.
  • Low-Maintenance & FSC Certified.
  • Fence Board 1800mm x 205mm x 20mm

    Our WPC fencing boards are one of the most popular colors within the range, providing customers with a rich dark brown earthy tone. It's important to note that when the boards are finally installed, the color may adjust due to natural sunlight and other factors. This is a natural process, and the boards may develop a slightly different hue over time.
    Installation is an easy process. Simply slot the boards on top of each other to reach your desired height.

    Spec :
    Fence Board : 20mm x 205mm x 1800mm

    Top Rail : 20mm x 32mm x 1800mm

    Aluminium Bottom Rail : 20mm x 25mm x 1800mm

    Post: 100mm x 100mm x 2200mm

    Post Cap: 100mm x 100mm

    Bottom Holder: 800mm