Vendor: Fire Door Frame

The job of a fire door is to prevent the spread of fire from room to room, and the length of time the door will contain the fire is given in the fire rating of the door. An FD30 door will resist fire for 30 minutes and an FD60 door will resist fire for 60 minutes. The weak point of a fire door is the gap between the door and the frame, and this is where the presence of an intumescent strip is crucial. 



People often ask us if and how intumescent strips can be fitted and we’ve got the answers right here. We should first mention that installing any fire safety seals are best left to professionals. That said, it is possible for you to fit or replace intumescent seals yourself with the right tools.



Intumescent strips can stop the spread of fire and smoke for up to an hour, but they should be regularly inspected to ensure there are no tears or damage. If there is damage present, the strip should be replaced as soon as possible as it’s likely the damage will affect its performance against stopping fire and/or smoke. 



There are different types of intumescent strips, fire only and fire and smoke.