Vendor: Woodcore Doors



Features :

  • Specifications: Soft close designed for doors weighing up to 120 lbs; Door panel thickness: 1" to 1-3/4"; Door panel width: 24" to 36"; Door panel height: 96", track can be cut down to fit custom opening width.
  • For use with double door 2 kits will be needed.
  • Durable and Customizable: One piece pine wood header to provide more strength than finger jointed one. The track can be cut to fit door panel's width 24" to 36".
  • Soft Close Design: With two-way soft closing set, ensures quiet and safe operation by dampening door opening/closing action. Max capacity 120lbs.
  • Sturdy Studs: Heavy duty galvanized steel tube stud to bring more rigidity and high corrosion resistance than steel wrapped wood stud. If door is shorter than 96", lower header and cut bottom ends of steel split tubes.
  • Package includes: 4 square uprights, 1 aluminum track with wood slot, 1 double sided soft closes, 2 hangers with mounting plates, 2 column bases, 1 door guide, 2 floor adjustable anchors.
  • Guarantee:5-year quality warranty. We are reliable and qualified manufacture. Professional customer service team help you solve all problems in time.

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Package includes:

4 x Upright iron column,

1 x Aluminum track with wood slot,

1 x Double sided soft closes,

2 x Hangers with mounting plates,

1 x Door guide,

2 x Floor adjustable anchors,

2 x Column base


Why Choose a Pocket Door?
Woodcore Pocket Door Systems can revolutionize and optimize the space in your residence. With limited space inside, pocket doors offer a perfect solution. Eliminating the need for a swinging door, there is more space for furnishings, the option to create more rooms, or simply add extra breathing room. Pocket doors are not just for compact closets or utility spaces anymore. Make a statement with our dual doors that connect a dining area to a living space or kitchen. Expand your space with this exceptional system and elevate your interior.

Pocket Door Systems:
Our Pocket Door systems neatly conceal internal sliding doors, within the wall cavity, creating a significant impact on both usable and perceived available space. This increases flexibility and makes the room feel lighter and airier Our pocket doors are the perfect solution when there is limited space and opens the opportunity to create additional rooms in previously inaccessible places. Available as either single or double door kits our pocket door systems are compatible with the majority of our doors – including the new Urban Collection of industrial style doors.

The Pocket Door Kit:
Designed to work in partition walls, each pocket door system comes with a pre-assembled aluminium track and header mechanism, allowing for a stable and smooth gliding of the door along the track. Each system includes the door jambs which provide the perfect finishing touch needed to conceal the sliding system and to create a flush finish with the wall. Complete the look with any of Woodcore architrave and skirting.