Vendor: Deanta Doors

HP12 Oak Internal Door CT

Featuring North American white oak veneers, the HP12 interior door adds a natural, modern style to any room. Its clean, bold lines give this flush door an unmistakable look that will transform the look of any modern styled home.

Our doors have 11mm solid lipping's for easy fitting, unmatched by any other Irish door brands.

Wood is a marvel of nature, renowned for its intricate beauty, distinguished by its unique tones and grains. The allure of wood lies not only in its durability but also in the rich tapestry of patterns and colors it presents, especially when used as a natural veneer.

Wooden veneers boast a captivating range of tones, each telling a story of the tree's life and growth. The tones in wood can vary from warm and honeyed hues, as seen in oak and maple, to deeper and reddish-brown tones in mahogany or cherry. Lighter woods like birch and ash exhibit a pale, creamy complexion, while exotic species such as teak or rosewood showcase a mesmerizing blend of golds, reds, and dark browns. The tones in wood not only define its character but also create a harmonious backdrop for any space they grace.


  • Real North American White Oak veneer
  • Crown cut veneer
  • 11mm solid oak lipping on top and bottom
  • 11mm solid oak lipping on both sides
  • Solid FSC certified board core
  • Prefinished
  • Covered by the Deanta 10 year warranty
  • FSC certified

    HP12 Oak Door