Vendor: Heat Design

Vitae 5kW Landscape Cassette Stove

Meet the new Vitae 5kW wood burning cassette stove.  Created and constructed with thought and care, this new style offers you a panoramic view of the fire and exudes sophistication. It embodies all the great features of the traditional Vitae. Designed for burning wood efficiently and cleanly, this stove is EcoDesign Ready and meets the 2022 European emmission standards.



    • Sleek, contemporary design with panoramic views
    • EcoDesign Ready: meets 2022 emission standards
    • Tertiary air system for increased efficiency
    • Airwash system for clear glass
    • Wood burning cassette
    • Also available in 8kW landscape


    • Efficiency up to: 81.2%
    • Nominal output: 5kW / 17,060BTU
    • Flue Diameter: 127mm
    • Weight (kg): 90
    • Fuel Type: Wood only