Vendor: Woodcore Doors

White Primed Internal Door WC3 FD30

The Internal Cottage Style Door is a standout addition to the Internal White collection, offering a prime example of classic design and modern convenience. This door boasts a pristine white finish, primed with a double coat, making it prepped and ready for your personal finishing touch. With its timeless design featuring a single panel, it effortlessly marries traditional charm with contemporary practicality.

Constructed with a semi-solid core, this door not only looks appealing but also offers robust durability for long-term use. Its white primed surface provides an excellent base for customization, allowing you to apply your choice of paint or stain to match your interior decor perfectly.

One of the key advantages of this door is its flexibility. It allows for up to 12mm of trimming from any side, ensuring a precise fit within your door frame. This adjustability is especially valuable when it comes to achieving a seamless and tailored look for your home.

In conclusion, the Internal Cottage Style Door from the Internal White collection is a versatile and stylish choice for homeowners seeking a balance of classic aesthetics and modern convenience. With its durable construction, double primed finish, and trimmable design, it offers a perfect opportunity to enhance your living space with a touch of timeless elegance while accommodating your specific requirements.


  • Engineered construction for added strength, stability and performance
  • Lipping allowing for 6mm to be trimmed off all edges of the door
  • 11mm primed lipping on both sides
  • Solid FSC certified board core
  • FSC certified



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